Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed

Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed Nimra Ahmed

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Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed

Romantic Urdu Novel is the most extra-ordinary, intellectual and creatively written fictional story.

Nimra Ahmed, who is one of the best, inspirational and thought-provoking writers of Pakistan. The name of the novel "MUSHAF" (Arabic name of the Holy Quran) gives us a hint that it is a story related to religious content or it might contain some verses with beautiful meaning and deep Tafseer.

Readers of Mushaf journey through suspense, excitement, love, trust, betrayal, crisis and harsh realities of a brutal life. Despite having all this, this novel leaves a permanent place in the reader's heart.

The whole novel revolves around the life of the girl, Mehmal Ibraheem, who is displeased and irritated from the world. The novel takes a very strange turn when Mehmal decides to return the Mushaf to that black-skinned girl and tries to make her realize that it was not the kind of a book that she portrays it to be and she knows about the Quran.

The next big twist happens when Fuwaad, her cousin, fools Mehmal and sells her to Hamayun and at that time I was shocked. Then the noor spreads in the life of Mehmal and guides her in a way one can never imagine. The way Nimra Ahmed has achieved it with her creative skills is amazing.

The introduction of perfect verses related to the appropriate situation is worth pondering over; for example the time of the death of her mother and how for every situation the Quran had all the answers. Nimra Ahmed beautifully conveyed the ups and downs of life and magnificently connected verses of the Quran with the happenings in Mehmal's life.

Another important lesson it gave was that we should trust Allah and no one else. Indeed guidance is for those who seek it. Mushaf in book form is published by Ilm o Irfan Publishers, Lahore and brought to you by Kitab Ghar for online reading and downloading PDF Novel.
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